Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loxsly Banned From Canada

Upon attempting to enter Canada to play free shows in Toronto and Montreal, Loxsly was detained for 4 hours for not having a work permit, forcibly deported, and each member banned from Canada for one year. We were really looking forward to visiting Montreal and instead wound up spending the night in Albany, NY. I'll be appealing the decision and hopefully we can make it up there sooner. Thanks to everyone in Montreal and Toronto who helped us out with arrangements and planned on coming out to see us.

Si je vous ai bien compris, vous êtes en train de dire: à la prochaine fois. Ostie.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Images from the Tour

It's early in the running, but thought I would post what I consider to be two of the more picture perfect moments on the tour so far.

Moore, OK, Water Tower vs. Gaggle of Geese Right of Way

My vote is for the geese, but you have to admit a water tower tribute to everyone's favorite patriot country rocker is a close second.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Song of the Day

The good people over at KUT's Texas Music Matters posted our brand new "Untitled" song as the song of the day. We did a live recording in their studio last Thursday. I promise we're not trying to be like Metallica and have an "Untitled" song, we just haven't thought of anything yet. Check it out here

Monday, August 04, 2008

Loxsly Tour!

On Wednesday we'll be leaving for a short 10 day tour up to Montreal and back. If anyone has friends in any of these cities let them know that we're coming. Also, if anyone would like to give us a place to stay that would be great.

Here are the dates:

8/6 Hailey's- Denton, TX
8/7 The Conservatory- Oklahoma City, OK
8/8 TBA
8/9 P&H Cafe - Memphis, TN
8/10 The Nick- Birmingham, AL
8/11 The Gypsy Hut- Cincinatti, OH
8/12 The Saint- Asbury Park, NJ
8/13 The Velvet Underground- Toronto
8/14 Quai des Brumes- Montreal
8/15 The Charleston- Brooklyn, NY
8/16 Piano's- New York, NY