Monday, December 14, 2009

Loxsly Christmas Song- "Mrs. Kris Kringle"

Happy holidays, friends!

Last month we recorded a Christmas song for our friends at Indiecater Records. It’s included on their recent compilation, An Indiecater Christmas, along with a lot of other great tunes. (Big thanks to Peter and the Wolf's Red Hunter for singing on the track)

Stream the record for free here. If you like how it sounds, buy it for a mere 6 euros. And be sure to include it on your holiday party play list.

Also, if you’re out shopping for gifts, don’t forget to check out the great record stores on our "Where to Buy" list.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where to Buy

Ever since we received the Tomorrow’s Fossils vinyls last summer, we’ve been trying to get them out to as many record stores as possible. Below is a list of some of the stores carrying the record.

We’ll be updating this page from time to time, so be sure to check back if we haven’t gotten it out to your favorite record store yet. And if you have any recommendations, let us know-- we’ll keep them in mind next time we get on the road.

For the minimalists out there, you can grab the mp3s on itunes.


Record Stores Carrying Tomorrow’s Fossils on Vinyl (digital download included)
Updated 12/09

• Waterloo Records. Austin, TX.
• End of and Ear. Austin, TX.
• Sundance Records. San Marcos, TX.
• Cactus Music & Record Ranch. Houston, TX.
• Hog Wild Records. San Antonio, TX.
• Disc Exchange. Knoxville, TN.
• Desolation Row CDs. Pittsburgh, PA.

Or purchase the vinyl online at insound.